Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto Crush Toasted Enjoy

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto Crush Toasted Enjoy

Punch Drunk Love

Being the Hokage was a pain in the ass. Sure it was a great title to have and you were highly respected by the people of the village. But there was a serious downside to it. Paperwork. Mountains of it. And no matter how quickly Tsunade tried to finish it, even when she actually put in the effort to do it; it was still never completely done. In fact, a good deal of the time, there usually ended up being even more of it than when she had started. Over all, if there was any reason to dislike being Hokage, this was it. But it was also a good excuse to skip her work and enjoy some of the finer things in life. For Tsunade, these finer things were alcohol and gambling. But since there werent any places to gamble in the village, it looked like shed have to settle for alcohol.

Opening the bottom drawer of her desk, Tsunade pulled out a bottle of sake. She poured herself some and drank it all, then pouring herself some more. This process was repeated until the bottle was completely emptied out and Tsunade had to grab another bottle to start on. Under an hour later, three empty bottles of sake were sitting on Tsunades desk along with one drunken Hokage. Tsunade got up, wobbling a little, and made her way out. It was getting late, nearly midnight and she needed to head home. However in her current state she wasnt able to think clearly and ended up heading in the wrong direction. To make matters worse, it began to rain. So Tsunade not only ended up getting lostshe also got soaked.

Luckily Naruto was out, on his way back from Ichirakus after his usual meal of ramen. He saw the older blonde walking around in the rain and went up to her.

Hey Tsunade-baa, what are you doing out in the rain like this?

Tsunade turned, giving the boy a small glare. She swung her fist and gave him a wrap on the head. Baka, Ive told you to stop calling me that!

Naruto rubbed the sore spot on his head, returning the glare she was giving him. What are you drunk again? Youre gonna get sick if you keep walking around in the rain. Come on, my place is nearby. You can dry off there.

He managed to get her to go with him to his apartment, although he wasnt entirely sure how he convinced her to do it. Once inside he took off his coat and grabbed a towel for her to dry off with, he didnt really need one since he hadnt gotten as wet as she had. He gave it to her, a mild blush on his cheeks.

Here, umyou might want to get out of those clothes. Theyre soaked and you could catch a cold or something.

Tsunade smirked, You pervert. You just want to see me naked dont you?

Narutos blush grew and he waved his hands back and forth in denial, No! I dont! Im just going to dry your clothes for you. Thats all. You can change in my room.

Sure, whatever you say Naruto. She went into his room, smirking at him as she closed the door, No peeking you naughty boy.

Naruto blushed again and waited for her to undress. When she was done she opened the door and handed her wet clothes to him. He went to leave but she opened the door, having barely managed to wrap the towel around her body due to her impressive bust. In her hands was the lacy black thong she had been wearing. She held them up, dangling them for him to see.

Dont forget about these Naruto. Feel free to smell them if you want. Catch!

Tsunade flung them at him, the undergarment landing on his head. She giggled and he blushed again, glaring at her.

Just wait in the room until your clothes are done drying!

He took the thong off his head, hiding it in her other clothes. It was hard to believe that she was the Hokage, especially with the way she acted when she was really drunk. He went down to the laundry room in the building and thankfully no one else was there. It would have been a pain to half to explain why he had the Hokages clothes. He put Tsunades clothes into an available dryer, stopping a moment to look at her thong. It was hard to believe that she would wear something so naughty. Putting his thoughts aside, he put them in the dryer and turned it on. Naruto went back up to his apartment, heading inside and was met with an amazing sight. Tsunade was lying naked on his couch, her entire body exposed for him to see. Blushing he covered his eyes and shut the door behind him. Tsunade heard the noise and looked up at him smirking.

What took you so long? Were you doing something naughty?

No! And what are you doing!? Wheres the towel I gave you!?

She shrugged and laid back down, I feel more comfortable this way. Besides, I knew you wanted to see me naked so I took it off.

Naruto peeked at her from between his fingers before looking down at the floor. He went into his room and retrieved the towel, going back over to Tsunade at the couch and holding it out to her.

Here, you should keep this on until your clothes are dry. Hopefully the rain will stop soon so you can head home before it gets too late.

Tsunade pouted; something that people almost never saw her do. She lookedcute when she did it and if Naruto hadnt been trying to avoid looking at her hed have thought so too. She got up and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hug and pressing her huge breasts against his chest. The second he felt those large, soft orbs squish against him his eyes shot open and he found her face to face with him.

Why do you want me to leave Naruto-kun? Dont you like me?

Uhi-it isnt that. I just feel a little uncomfortable with you lying around naked.

Tsunade smirked, a devious glint in her eyes. Oh? Then whats this hard thing pressing against my thigh?

She reached down and grabbed his groin, feeling an erection through his pants. Naruto was at a loss for words, he couldnt explain that. Tsunade slid down to her knees and pulled his pants down, his fully erect cock popping up in front of her face. She licked her lips, looking up at Naruto with a smirk.

Well, well. It looks like Naruto-kun does like my body after all. I knew you were lying.

Tsunade grabbed his dick and began to stroke it, earning a gasp from Naruto. The older woman licked the tip a couple times before taking it into her mouth and suckling on it. She ceased using her hand and started to engulf his entire manhood down to the hilt. Naruto moaned and grabbed her head, moving his hips a little and thrusting into her mouth. Tsunade let him have control, enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. After a minute she pushed him away, sitting up a little and grabbing his cock again. She positioned it between her breasts and pressed them together with it between them. Naruto started to thrust again, the feel of Tsunades breasts blowing his mind.

Damn, baa-san Im gonna cum soon. Can I cum on your tits?

Go ahead Naruto-kun; blow your load all over my chest.

Naruto thrusted harder, groaning as he did so. He felt himself reach his limit and pulled away, grabbing his member and jacking off. Letting out a short grunt, he came, his cum spurting out and landing all over Tsunades breasts. Tsunade licked her lips and grabbed her bust, starting to lick Narutos cum off of herself. Once she had licked her breasts clean she proceeded to suck on her own tits, reaching down with one hand to finger herself. Naruto watched the scene wide eyed; the sight of the older woman masturbating proving to be very hot. Tsunade kept going, driven by the fact that Naruto was watching her so intently. She soon experienced her own orgasm, crying out with a lusty moan.

Once the euphoria of her orgasm passed, Tsunade stood back up, licking her fingers clean of her juices. She saw Naruto staring at her, drooling a little and giggled at him. Grabbing his hand, she led him into his room and had him lay down on his bed.

Now that weve both warmed up a little, are you ready for the real fun?

Naruto gulped and gave a quick nod in reply. Tsunade got up and turned around, giving a very nice view of her ass. She got on the bed and spread her legs a little, revealing her wet snatch. Squatting down, she impaled herself on him, letting out a moan as she slid him in all the way. She started to ride him in reverse cowgirl style, the sound of flesh slapping together filling the room. Naruto groaned and watched her ass bounce up and done as she rode him, reaching up and taking hold of her hips. It didnt take long for her to make him cum again. He let out a grunt and shot inside her, the feel of his hot seed in her womb making her climax as well. Naruto thrust into her hard, eventually making her have to lean over as he got up, switching them to doggie style.

Tsunade moaned, her breasts bouncing with each time he thrust into her. Suddenly she felt him pull out of her completely, leaving her feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.

Dont stop now, put it back in!

Naruto smirked, Oh, I plan on it baa-san. Im just putting it somewhere else.

He lined himself up with her anus and thrust in all at once. Tsunade cried out in surprise, feeling him start fucking her wildly. She kept crying out in pleasure as he thrust into her, giving her ass an occasional slap. With his wild thrusting she was brought to another couple orgasms before he finally came again, filling with more of his seed.

As his orgasm rode out, Naruto slowed his thrusting and pulled out of her. He fell back on his ass, sighing in content. Tsunade turned around and pulled his dick back into her mouth, sucking him vigorously. Naruto moaned, feeling her tongue swirl around the tip of his cock and soon get him hard again. She climbed onto his lap and settled down on him again, bouncing her hips and wrapping her arms around him, crushing his face into her chest. The two kept at it until they both passed out, Naruto laying on top of her with his head on her breasts.


The following morning Tsunade woke up, letting out a groan due to her powerful headache. It took her all of three seconds to realize that she had a naked Naruto lying on top of her with his morning erection inside of her pussy. The sleeping boy nuzzled her bust, a bit of drool leaking from his mouth while he mumbled in his sleep.

Baa-san, your tits smell so nice. Can I play with them?

Tsunades face turned red as the reality of the situation hit her. She let out a shriek and punched Naruto hard enough to knock him into the wall. After taking a moment to calm herself Tsunade pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a sigh.

I have got to stop waking up like this.


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