Naruto Pornography Story: The Bond between Sensei and Student

Naruto Pornography Story: The Bond between Sensei and Student

The Bond between Sensei and Student

Hinata Hyuga peeked from around the tree she was hiding behind. She was yet again spying on Naruto while he was training. Little did she know that a short distance away, up in the branches of a tree, someone was spying on her as well. Kurenai Yuhi, Hinatas sensei, was watching her student spy on Naruto. She looked on the scene somewhat irritated. It wasnt that she had anything against Hinatas love for the boy; she was just disappointed that the girl hadnt tried to make a move. Not to mention the fact that the boy was completely oblivious to Hinatas infatuation with him; that was a big part of it as well. If she were in Narutos shoes, shed have picked up on Hinatas feelings for him and would have been all over her. Of course she herself was harboring deep feelings for her student as well and if not for a certain blonde boy, she would have come clean and told her by now.

Kurenai turned her attention from Hinata to Naruto. The boy had just finished his training and was leaving. Once he was out of sight, Kurenai descended to the ground and went over to Hinata, who was in the same spot she had been while spying on Naruto. Oddly enough she still had her eyes glued to the spot where Naruto had been, as though the boy was still there.

Kurenai sighed, You cant just keep watching him like this Hinata. Hes going to see you sooner or later.

The younger girl jumped, having been startled by her sensei. Hinata turned to face Kurenai, the older woman seeing her student remove her hand from inside her pants.

Kurenais eyes widened, Hinata, you werent She took her students hand, noticing there was a sticky substance on the girls fingers. You were! You were actually touching yourself in public while stalking him! II cant believe this.

Hinata looked down at her feet, horribly ashamed of herself. Kurenai was silent, thinking to herself about the matter. After a minute she spoke again.

You really like him dont you? Youd have to in order to do what you were doing just now.

Hinata nodded, feeling too embarrassed to speak. Kurenai felt a pang of jealousy towards the boy. She never had anything against him, but the fact he was so blind to Hinatas feelings to him made her angry. Kurenai cared too much about Hinata to just let her pine after a boy who didnt have the slightest clue she liked him. The jonin didnt know why, but she wanted to set that straight. She wanted Naruto to wake up and see just how much Hinata liked him, even though it would mean that Kurenai couldnt ever be with her student the way she wanted to be.

If you really feel that way Hinata, then Im going to help you.

Hinata looked up at her sensei, confused W-what?

Im going to help you. Ill make sure that you can tell him how you feel about him.

The Hyuga heiress gawked at Kurenai incredulously. Really?

Kurenai nodded, I want you to stay at my place tonight Hinata. I promise you that you wont regret it. Be there by sunset, Ill be expecting you to show up.

The female jonin took off, leaving her student standing alone in the same spot. After a moment Hinata left as well, her mind frantically trying to figure out what her sensei had planned for her.

The day passed by and sunset had approached. Hinata made her way through the village to Kurenais apartment. When she got there she found a note on the door from Kurenai instructing her to go in and make herself at home. It also said that she was out on an important errand and would be back soon. Not knowing what else to do, Hinata went inside and waited for Kurenai to return.


Kurenai followed Naruto on his way home from his usual dinner of ramen. He had no idea she was tailing him. It was no wonder Hinata did this all the time, the boy was just so easy to stalk it wasnt funny.

She kept a reasonable pace behind him but still kept close enough to not lose sight of him. Naruto arrived back at his apartment, still oblivious to his follower. The second Naruto was inside Kurenai made her move. She went up to his door and knocked on it. When he came to answer it she hit him with a genjutsu. Narutos eyes went blank and his body slumped to the floor. Picking him up, Kurenai rushed home before anyone could notice what was going on.

Her apartment wasnt too far away so she got there not too long after Hinata had arrived. She entered, carrying Naruto over her shoulder. Hinata got up from her place on the couch, shocked to see who her sensei had with her.

Kurenai-sensei, what.why are you carrying N-Naruto-kun like that? I-Is he hurt!?

Hes fine Hinata; I just put him in a genjutsu.

B-but why did you do that?

Kurenai smiled at Hinata, placing her hand on her students head. I told you, I was going to help you with confessing your feelings to Naruto. Now lets go into my bedroom, well be much more comfortable there.

She carried Naruto into her bedroom with Hinata silently following. Kurenai unceremoniously dropped the boy onto the bed and placed her hand on his forehead, releasing the genjutsu. Naruto sat up, regaining consciousness and looking at his new surroundings.

Huh? Whas goin on?

Youre in my apartment Naruto. I brought you here because theres something very important we need to talk about and you arent going anywhere until we do.

Naruto was now fully awake, looking from Kurenai to Hinata and back with a confused look on his face. Well what is it thats so important?

Kurenai turned to face her student, Go ahead Hinata, dont be shy. Tell him.

Hinatas face turned red, too shy to say anything to him. Kurenai had thought that she would act this way and sighed, knowing shed have to say it for her.

Hinata loves you Naruto. She has for a long time.

Hinata hid her face in her hands, too afraid to see how hed react. Naruto stared at her in disbelief. After a moment he looked over at Kurenai, still incredulous.

You arent making this up right? She really does like me that way?

Kurenai nodded, I know for a fact shes very much in love with you.

Naruto let his gaze fall back on Hinata, II dont really know what else to say except thatII like you too Hinata.

Hinata pulled her face out from behind her hands, staring at him in shock with a full face blush. She remained silent, too surprised to speak. Naruto continued.

Im sorry I never told you before but, I never thought I was good enough for you. I avoided you and even completely ignored you sometimes because I was hoping I would forget about you. I always told myself that youd end up with someone who deserved to be with you and that I should be lucky if I could just be your friend. But if you really feel that way about me thenthen I would like it if you could let me have a chance to be with you!

Hinata stared awestruck at the blonde, speechless. Kurenai shook her head, letting out a sigh.

Idiot, of course shell give you a chance. Shes been dying to be with you so theres no way shed turn you down. Now why dont you two share your first kiss together?

Naruto blushed, Isnt that kinda rushing it? I mean, we only just confessed our feelings.

Kurenai smirked, Trust me, the two of you are going to do a lot more than kiss tonight. And I plan on joining in on it.

The two genin gawked at the older woman, both in confusion and shock. Hinata was so stunned that the poor girl seemed frozen in place. Naruto took a moment to try and understand what Kurenai was telling them, but was unable to.

What do you mean Kurenai-sensei?

What I mean is sex; neither of you has a choice in the matter, so dont bother arguing and get started.

They didnt move, both far too uneasy and/or shy to do what the older woman was asking of them. Kurenai had foreseen this and knew how to handle it. She knelt next to Hinata, placing her hand on the girls cheek.

Fine, if you dont want to have your first kiss with him, then its going to be with me.

Kurenai closed in to kiss her student. Hinatas eyes widened as her sensei closed in, realizing that the older woman was serious about kissing her. Before she knew what she was doing, Hinata pushed away from Kurenai and went over to Naruto. Still acting on impulse, Hinata kissed Naruto full on the lips. It only lasted a second but it was more than enough to get them both flustered.

Hinata looked away, feeling both proud and embarrassed of herself for what she just did. She was unable to do anything else though, because Kurenai suddenly kissed her while she was lost in her own thoughts. The older womans lips were so different from Narutos. They were softer, and tasted different but not in an unpleasant way. Naruto watched the scene before him, the mere sight of it making his heart race.

Kurenai pulled away, turning to look over at Naruto. Your turn.

Naruto swallowed and went to kiss the older woman, but she stopped him. He looked at her, confused as to why she said they were going to kiss, but then kept him from doing so.

Sorry Naruto, but I dont do guys. If you want me then youll need to use that little jutsu of yours.

Instantly understanding what Kurenai wanted, Naruto formed a hand seal Oiroke no jutsu!

Naruto was enveloped in a puff of smoke. When it cleared, he had taken the form of an older, beautiful and naked girl version of himself. Hinata got a nosebleed from the sudden transformation and nearly passed out. Naruto winked at Kurenai seductively.

Come and get me sensei.

Kurenai smirked and poked the girl Naruto in the forehead, channeling chakra into him and making the jutsu cancel. Actually Naruto, I was wondering if you could do that only as a girl closer to your actual age. Keep your clothes on too.

Sure, I can do that. He formed the hand seal again. Oiroke no jutsu: jailbait version!

As Naruto turned into a girl version of himself he heard Kurenai laugh. She found it funny that he had actually called it a jailbait version of the original jutsu. The now girl Naruto looked up at Kurenai slightly annoyed at being laughed at. Kurenai stifled herself and knelt down to be at eye level with Naruto.

Sorry, I couldnt help it. Come here Naruto.

Its Naruko.

Kurenai blinked, Naruko?

The blonde nodded, Thats what I like to call myself when Im using the Oiroke no jutsu.

Kurenai smirked, If thats what you want. In that case, come here Na-ru-ko-chan.

She leaned forward and kissed the younger boyer, girl. Naruko returned the kiss, finding Kurenais lips to be just as soft as Hinatas but with a different taste. While they kissed, Kurenai unzipped Narukos jacket and removed it. She followed that with the Narukos pants, leaving the girl clad only in her black t-shirt and boxers.

Breaking the kiss for a moment, Kurenai pulled Narukos shirt and boxers off as well, tossing them aside and leaving the blonde completely naked. Both Hinata and Kurenai took a good long look at Narukos body. She had a slim figure with few curves and small breasts with cute little pink nipples. From there she had a flat stomach and a slim waist which widened out a little into her hips. Finally, her hairless quim lay between her long legs, which ended in dainty feet.

Naruko felt a little self conscious under the gaze of the other two girls. Hinata couldnt seem to take her eyes off the blonde, a deep red blush on her cheeks. Kurenai looked Naruko up and down, smiling in approval and licking her lips. She knelt down in front of Naruko and placed her hand on the girls crotch. Naruko tensed a little as she felt a finger slide inside her pussy, letting out a small whimper. Kurenai giggled, enjoying the reaction.

I have to admit, Im impressed. This isnt any ordinary Henge; its an actual transgender jutsu. She slid her finger in further, feeling a barrier. You even have a hymen, very nice.

Without warning, Kurenai thrust her finger deeper and broke Narukos hymen. The blonde cried out but managed to hold the Henge. Good thing too, it would have been worse if it had suddenly ended. Kurenai quickly pulled her finger out and used the blood from Narukos broken hymen to write a seal on the girls body, just over the place where her womb should be. Next Kurenai quickly performed a series of hand seals and pressed her hand to the seal on Narukos body.

Fuin jutsu: Henge!

Naruko felt a surge of the womans chakra pass through her, making her feel numb and weak. She sank to her knees and toppled over onto the floor, using what little strength she had to glare up at Kurenai.

Whawhat did you do!?

I sealed your Oiroke no jutsu, so now you cant undo it. Dont worry though; I can remove the seal just as easily as I placed it on you. Although Ill wait until after weve had our fun before I do that. Until then, just relax and enjoy it.

Kurenai licked the bit of blood on her finger up before picking Naruko up, wrapping one arm around the girls waist. Naruko had to lean against Kurenai because she was still a little drained from the seal that had just been put on her. The jonin placed her other hand back on Narukos pussy and rubbed it. The blonde moaned softly, feeling sore from the sudden breaking of her hymen. Kurenai hushed her and kissed her lips, caressing the younger girls quim. Gently, she slid her finger back inside Naruko and slowly pumped it in and out of her.

Naruko squirmed in Kurenais grasp feebly, mewling under the attentions of the older woman. Eventually she settled down and got used to it, even beginning to enjoy lying helplessly in Kurenais arms. Kurenai had Hinata switch places with her, the Hyuga girl now holding and fingering Naruko. While Hinata was occupied with Naruko, Kurenai undressed. She watched her student as she finished; she couldnt ever remember seeing Hinata look so happy. Hinata had the person she loved most lying in her arms and was pleasing her. Naruko was clearly enjoying it, which only seemed to make Hinata happier. The Hyuga took one of Narukos nipples into her mouth and suckled it, making the blonde mewl in pleasure.

Deciding to let Hinata have her fun, Kurenai sat down and merely watched the two in front of her. Naruko could only squirm and mewl as Hinata fingered her and sucked on her tits. It wasnt long until the blonde girl came, letting out a cry as her pussy squeezed Hinatas fingers tightly. Hinata stopped and waited for Naruko to ride out her orgasm before pulling her fingers out. Her fingers were coated in Narukos sticky honey. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, Hinata licked them clean and then kissed Naruko.

Kurenai went to join the other two and helped Hinata out of her clothes. Taking the now naked girl in her arms she kissed her, forcing her tongue into Hinatas mouth. Hinata moaned softly, feeling Kurenais hands reaching down to grab her ass. Hinata and Kurenais tongues wrapped around each other, the two moaning into the kiss. Kurenai lowered herself and Hinata down into a sitting position on the floor, pulling away and ending the kiss. She had Hinata lie back and pressed her pussy to the younger girls.

Just relax and let me do all the work, alright Hinata-chan?

Hinata nodded timidly and felt her sensei rub against her. She let out a soft moan, feeling the older womans sex slide over her own. Kurenai repeated the process, pressing harder against her student. Their clits bumped together with each movement, earning mewls of pleasure from Hinata. Hinata tried moving her hips to meet with Kurenais movements, eventually working out a rhythm between the two of them.

Lying on the floor in front of them, Naruko watched on in silent awe. Starting to get some of her strength back, she reached down and played with herself. Her fingers teased her still wet folds, poking and exploring her now temporary female body. The sight of Kurenai and Hinata performing tribadism fueling her arousal, she stuck a finger inside herself.

Hinata could feel something building up inside her, a tingling feeling in her privates. She looked over at the blonde and saw what she was doing. Naruko, the object of Hinatas affections, was masturbating and watching her have sex with Kurenai. The mere thought of the person she loved most pleasuring themselves to her was all it took to push Hinata over the edge and into orgasm.

Kurenai felt Hinatas love juices come gushing out, smearing between their cunts as she continued to rub them together. The feel of her warm honey, combined with the rubbing and their clits bumping together made Kurenai cum as well, letting out a lustful moan as she did so.

Still in the midst of the euphoria of orgasm, Hinata crawled over to Naruko and settled down between the blondes thighs. She pushed Narukos hand away and used her tongue in its place. Naruko gasped at the feel of Hinatas tongue lashing against her labia and clitoris. Hinata felt a tongue licking her privates as well; Kurenai had come over to join the two and clean her students honey coated flower.

Regaining a little more strength, Naruko sat up and placed her hand on Hinatas head, trying to get the girl to do more. Hinata increased the speed and force of her licking, dipping the tip of her tongue between Narukos labia and flicking it against her clit. Kurenai stuck her tongue into Hinatas quim as far as she could and wiggled it around, probing the girls inner petals and finding her most sensitive spots.

The more skilled tongue of her sensei teasing her still sensitive pussy quickly brought Hinata to another orgasm. She moaned into Narukos pussy, making her join her in climax. Hinata felt Narukos juices pouring out and greedily lapped up as much as she could, falling in love with the taste. Behind her she could feel her sensei doing the same thing while she came; Kurenai licking and sucking up every last drop of Hinatas cum she could get.

After she finished cleaning Hinata, Kurenai sat back and spread her legs. Its your turn to do me now Hinata.

Her student didnt hesitate and started to lick. Naruko got onto her hands and knees and crawled next to Hinata. I want to make you feel good too sensei.

The blonde joined the Hyuga girl in eating out their sensei. Kurenai moaned softly in pleasure as the two tongues probed and explored her sex. The two younger girls ran their tongues up Kurenais labia, slipping the tips into her pussy and meeting at her clit. They continued like that for a short while and then tried to push their tongues into Kurenai as far as they could. Kurenai came, Naruko and Hinata licking up her juices as they poured out.

After riding out her orgasm, Kurenai pulled the two up and the three of them shared a tender kiss. Tired out from all the excitement, Naruko laid down and closed her eyes. Hinata pulled the blonde into her arms and kissed her on the forehead. Behind her, Kurenai wrapped her arms around her and kissed her cheek, then Narukos. Hinata sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth coming from the other two girls as she drifted off as well. Kurenai stayed up for a while longer, watching Hinata and Naruko sleep before finally closing her eyes and joining them in slumbers sweet embrace.


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