Naruto sex story part 19: anything is a go

first off, she was she told me what was going on between you to as of
today.? Sakura:? there is nothing going on!? she said upset
Temari:? that? s not how she told it. Anyway, the deal was to rape you and in
return you are to give me two oral orgasms.? Sakura:? no way! There is no way I? m going to let you rape me or give you two
oral orgasms.? Temari:? Ino thought you were going to say that, so she said consider this as
another tip for her. However, if you would have kept your big mouth shut. It
would have counted as one of the two payments you owe her. Nevertheless, oh
well. Now lets get to work. In quick flash Temari waves, her big fan and soon enough Temari clothes were
all discarded on to a big pile on the floor. In addition, all that she had on
was a big-blue 10-inch strap on attached to her. Temari:? so what do you want to do first, the rape or the orgasms? Sakura:? the orgasms? she said giving up. Temari:? okay, then? Temari then sits down Sakura? s bed with her back against Sakura? s pillows. She
then spread her legs apart so Sakura could get access to her snatch. Then
Sakura climbs on her bed, gets in between Temari? s legs, and places her mouth
against Temari? s cunt entrance. The cold touch sent shivers down Temari? s
spine. Temari:? get going,? she said impatiently
Sakura:? alright? she whimpered in fear. Sakura then opened her cute mouth and started to slowly lick Temari? s cunt
lips. This started to shake Temari? …to be continued!

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7 Responses to Naruto sex story part 19: anything is a go

  1. mike says:

    awsome story keep it up and can you please put some sex pics with it

  2. bobby montez says:

    dude that is fuckin true we do need porn pics with it com on naruto hentia creater put porn pics with the story so it can be more exciting and get more rates for this who else agrees with me and mike

  3. Ya there should be more pics says:

  4. naruto hentia creater says:

    well you see guys im going to have more trouble creating this because im going to make pics and thats twice the work i already do but that is a great idea i will think about it maybe i will put some on alright no hard feelings alright peace out well just for now also thanx 4 the idea mike

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it was great! hurry and make another one.

  6. Anonymous says:

    spelling fail

  7. Wow how do I still find this stuff says:

    Terrible grammar.

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